Research projects

January 2018 – ongoing, „The aesthetics of post-digital imagery – between new materialism and object-oriented philosophy” (National Science Center Poland)

A principal investigator.

„The aesthetics of post-digital imagery – between new materialism and object-oriented philosophy”, a three-year-long project supported by National Science Center Poland, project no. 2016/21/B/HS2/00746.

The project is aimed at the re-examination of the notion of representation so that it acknowledges the post-digital imagery production, with its shift towards automatic and quasi-automatic data flows, often directly connected to the physical environment.

The project focuses on two main areas:

1) It gives a closer look at the processuality and relationality of the networked imagery as particular kind of object. In this regard, it draws on the discussions concerning the nature of objects and relationality from the perspective of speculative realism and object-oriented paradigms. Such debate has been carried out between the leading proponents of object-oriented philosophy and speculative realism and the researchers subscribing to the updated proposition of actor-networked theory [Harman 2009; Latour, Harman, Erdelyi 2011; Shaviro, 2011; Bryant 2011; Bryant 2014]

2) The project seeks to re-conceptualize the notion of representation so that it accounts for the distributed agency understood as the quality shared between both human and non-human (technical) actors. In this way, the question posed once by W.T.J. Mitchell, „What do pictures want?” [Mitchell 2004] regarding post-digital imagery will hopefully bring some more precise answers. The main line of argumentation is that the post-digital imagery understood first and foremost as the form of distributed agency is capable of bridging the different ontological realms. It will also investigate the possibility to constitute different modalities of materiality, taking into account both physicality of the objects and the field- and wave-like nature of the wireless communication and accompanying phenomena, which in the proposed framework are to be seen as co-constitutive of the imagery produced within the complex communication networks, often including remote sensing technologies.

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April – December 2012, „Participatory urban culture – nodes and flows” (Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage)

A principal investigator and a manager of the research team.

„Urban culture – nodes and flows”, the project carried out within the framework of the Observatory of Culture programme run by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, in cooperation with Małopolska Cultural Institute, project no. 05159/12 DMP.

The project aimed to capture the non-formalized or formalised only partially practices of participation in urban culture, especially the alternative trends in Kraków.

Cultural participation has been conceptualised in the context of social communication, and the processes of mediatization which are the activities picked up by the networks of friends and acquaintances, which creates the flows of information and activity in urban space. Another important research goal of the project was to apprehend the junction points (the localisations where most of the cultural events have been carried out) as well as the flows and links between them.

Within the project, I coordinated the methodology of the research and the research team. I have also edited the final report available in the open access as the separate online publication. I presented the outcomes of the project at TEDxKraków in 2014 (YouTube clip includes the short description in English). In 2013, together with the project’s co-investigator, dr Magdalena Zdrodowska, we presented the project at the Communication and the City: Voices, Spaces, Media conference (University of Leeds).

The final report: Spacerowicze, nomadzi i sieciowi łowcy okazji



2007 – 2009, „City in the art – the art of the city: the cultural analysis of the urban spaces on the turn of XXth and XIst centuries” (the project led by prof. Ewa Rewers, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)

A researcher

I have proposed for translation into Polish and eventually translated into Polish two articles published in the edited volume summing up the project (L. Manovich, The poetics of augmented space, Visual Communication vol. 5 no. 2 June 2006 and A. de Souza e Silva, From cyber to hybrid. Mobile technologies as interfaces of hybrid space, Space and Culture vol. 9 no. 3 August 2006)