dr hab. Anna Nacher

I’m an associate professor at the Institute for Audiovisual Arts, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland. My current research interests include posthumanism, media theory, digital visuality, media art, sound art, sound studies, e-literature and art games.

You can find me on Twitter  and Facebook , reluctantly and occasionally I also update my profile.

I also have a sort of part-time career as a singer and a musician at Magic Carpathians Project which I co-founded in 1998 (yes, I’ve been dealing with music longer than with an academia 🙂 )

Apart from music I also dedicate significant part of my time to Biotop Lechnica, a tiny permaculture  garden located in a beautiful part of Polish-Slovakian borderland where together with my partner and the small group of like-minded spirits we cultivate the slow life, grow herbs and vegetables, develop community-based ecological art and culture programme and take care for whatever needs to be taken care of 🙂